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ITG is committed to providing our clients with dependable, state-of-the-art Web hosting backed by unparalleled customer support. By integrating customized hardware design, uninterruptible power supplies, daily backups, and extensive technical credentials, we ensure a steady and productive Linux and Windows Web hosting environment.

ITG offers both shared and dedicated Linux and Windows based web hosting. All Web hosting accounts come with a static IP address, control panel, message boards, email accounts, database, Webmail, Web traffic statistics and much more. We support PHP, MySQL and most open source solutions.


World Class Data Center

Best-in-class networking
Multiple data centers located in the U.S. and Europe**, giving
  your site visitors a better Web experience
DWDM Ethernet Backbone operating at 20 Gbps (U.S. only)
Connected to multiple diverse upstream providers
Full BGP peering with all providers
65,000+ square feet of actual computer space with
  room to grow
Fully redundant (2N) UPS power systems and (N+1) air
  conditioning systems
Advanced fire protection, suppression & detection systems
Multiple power paths and network connectivity have two
  diverse paths into our facility
Fully integrated Monitoring System for all critical building,
  server and network systems
State-of-the-art Security Technology and 24x7 on-site
  security staff
24x7 Network Operations Center & on-site data center staff

Environmentally Sensitive Features
Variable frequency drives for large motors
Chilled water air handler units
Cooled water chillers that use eco-friendly refrigerant
EPA-approved diesel generators using low-sulfur fuel
Eco-friendly products for specialized data center cleaning

Systems & Network Infrastructure/Security
Best-of-breed equipment for routers, firewalls and servers keep you online
Full network redundancy
24x7 dedicated prevention systems ensure network perimeter remains secure
Automatic email scanning for virus detection and cleaning provides complete protection (hosting plans only)

Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery
Enterprise-class backup and restore technologies protecting your data*
Full and incremental backups*
Off-site retention*
* Web hosting plans only — dedicated and virtual server plans
require additional purchase

OS & Application Management
Hardened operating system builds (hosting plans only)
Host-based security (hosting plans only)
Vigorous patch management (hosting plans only)
In-depth 24x7 monitoring helps ensure that our systems are secure (hosting plans only)

Our Company

Moving ideas, content and computing to the edge of the network and into the cloud to improve efficiencies, launching innovative solutions and continuously finding new ways to improve your corporate assets are only a few of the initiatives we are developing.

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