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Reporting & AnalyticsReporting & AnalyticsReporting & AnalyticsReporting & AnalyticsReporting & AnalyticsAnalytics Authorized Consultant If you want to improve your website's performance, you'll first need to measure it. Using Google Analytics, ITG can help you gain insights to how visitors interact with your website and fine-tune your marketing campaign for maximum impact. ITG will help you use Google Analytics to boost your conversion rate and make your website effective.

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Google Analytics is a free, highly sophisticated web analytics service that tells you everything that you want to know about your website. Using this tool you can tell how people find your site, what they do, how many of them go on to make a purchase and much more.

It is fully integrated with Google Adwords™ and offers an enterprise class analysis tool that you can use to get optimal results from your advertising campaigns.

Like other high end website analysis tools it offers a variety of reports and thousands of possible combinations of variables that may be important to your website.

With over 4 years of experience with Google Analytics we are experts in providing you with the support services that you need to make the most of this service. We can also assist you to identify the top 5 to 10 key performance indicators for your website and advise you on how to monitor these using Google Analytics.

ITG offers training in Google Analytics, advice, interpretation and campaign optimisation as well a range of support plans and services including:

Implementation of the Google Analytics tracking code
Understanding Google Analytics
Using Google Analytics reports
Developing your website Key Performance Indicators
Integration of shopping carts and other actions on your website with Google Analytics
Tracking downloads of PDF files and other non-HTML files
Adding Australian search engines to your referring sites and search engine keywords lists
Custom Segmentation – See your statistics broken down by gender, age or other custom variables.

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